Welcome to another golf season, and a special welcome to all of the new members who have joined for 2018! The course is already in great shape, although the later than normal opening and the course construction have prompted me to send this email to make two quick points. Firstly, the sign-up sheets have been posted for the Men’s Opening and Match Play Qualifier on May 19, the Mixed Opening on May 26, the Men’s St. Lawrence and Intersectional qualifiers, and the Ladies Anne Kolar Memorial and qualifying events on May 27. If you are interested in these events, then please sign up on the bulletin boards in the clubhouse downstairs. These events usually close on the Tuesday evening preceding the event in order to make the draw. If space permits, post entries on the day of the event will be accepted, but please sign up early where possible to guarantee yourself a tee-time. The Member’s Guide located on the Mississippi Golf Club web site explains each of these events in detail. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact by email at hobingary@gmail.com.


Secondly, a number of people have asked about how to record their score for handicap purposes given a temporary tee such as hole #10, or in the case of a temporary green. Section 4-2 of the Golf Canada Handicap Manual states that the player must record “par plus any handicap strokes the player is entitled to receive on that hole.” whenever a hole is significantly altered. In other words, since hole #10 has been significantly altered and is the #2 handicap hole on the course, a player with a handicap of say 16 would record a 5 on hole #10 regardless of what they shot on that hole. This same situation would hold true for a temporary green, such as on hole #1 on May 10. The forward tees on hole #4 are not considered to be a significant alteration, and so normal scores shot on that hole may be used. Finally, if we again use a substitute hole, the score for that hole is not used for handicap purposes. Instead, the same rule above is applied to the hole that was taken out of play.


Happy Golfing!

Gary Hobin

Mississippi Club Captain



PACE OF PLAY: We ask that you always keep up to the group ahead of you if you can...........Ideally, you should try to play in 4 hours.

If you encounter a serious slow play issue, please call the pro shop. "Never" challenge other groups on their pace of play. Please remember, pace of play is the overall time played. Sometimes the group in front of you may be a hole or more behind for different reasons but may not be slow. It is good etiquette to let the group behind you through if you fall behind......

Be patient; the pro shop staff is not always available to deal with your situation immediately....


When playing your matches, please DO NOT put fake guests in so you can play alone


NO Thursday men's night play permitted before 11:32am


NOTE: Limited 5-Day members may not play before noon regardless of how busy the afternoon is. The twilight rate for guests is also not available before noon. Morning times are prime time for Full Members and Full Fee guests.


NO SMOKING. Remember that there is no smoking at all permitted in the patio area. This includes all tables where food or drinks can be accessed....... This is the law and there are no exceptions 
FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: Any member with a driving range season pass who brings out a guest to hit balls and does not pay for them, we will automatically charge your house account for a bucket of range balls